AirPods With Alfred Workflow Shortcut

Wed Jul 24 2019

I'm a huge fan of Alfred app! newPAPP This app saves me a huge pile of time and just make my mac life much better. So after I got my shortcut for connecting my airpods with a cli command, I got the idea of why not just adding it to Alfred?! I spend most of my time with terminals, but there are times I dont use them and why the hell should I open a terminal for connecting to my airpods So first, please follow this blog post: Create a Connect AirPods CLI Shortcut You can skip the last part of creating an alias as we will be using Alfred instead. ** you should have an Alfred license to use workflows

  • Open your alfred settings, click on workflows and sign
  • create a blank Workflow
  • Fill in your title and description (will appear on alfred)
  • you can add an image to make it nicer (here)
  • right click on the black canvas and select Input keyword.
  • Type keyword that will pop the workflow in Alfred
  • Right click again and select Run script
  • paste the script for your airpods
  • You should follow this post to get your own command
  • be sure to have full path for bluetoothconnector