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How to Jest Test By Mocking Imports

It's great for unit tests, integrations, and more. The single little pain I encounter each time I work with Jest is when I need to mock…

How To Master CircleCI

CircleCI is quite an approachable tool. I worked with several CI tools, and really enjoyed playing with this one. Especially the option to…

How To Clean All Your node_modules Inside Your Machine

If you worked with javascript for quite some time, you probably have many projects spread around your computer. Recently my mac is super low…

Vscode Language Specific Configs

Vscode injected itself to the hearts of many developers around the globe quite quickly. I love it and especially the way I can easily…

Git Remove All Local Branches

After a few sprints you git repo may explode with a bunch of different branches. In that case you can easilly remove all of them (except…

Clean Redux Boilerplate With Hooks

We all love Redux. Well we love the benefits of using a state management system. The huge amount of boilerplate can be a pain in the rear…

Test And Mock Import With ES6

db.js some coool stuf with code snippet here updateName.js updateName.test.js

AirPods With Alfred Workflow Shortcut

crazy post

Rewrite From Backbone to React – Best Practices

Tech is moving fast! especially in the Javascript world. There are so many new tools and frameworks popping up, that literally in a year or…

React Imported SVG as CSS Background

** You will need to have “ styled-components ”