The never ending journey of a developer

Tue Feb 27 2018

I am a developer for quite a while now (7 years to be exact). I remember the old days when I only knew some html & css and create nice little websites, but those days are long gone and the complexity of products and technologies gone much higher.

For example, if I want to build a simple site with some dynamic data and interaction this is the tech stack Ill need to know:


html, css, sass or less, javascript, js frameworks like: Vue.js, Angular, React, a build systems like gulp, grunt, webpack, testing like karma, mocha and much more! 😀


lets focus on one language like php, composer, laravel or symfony or other, caching, memcache, redis, design patterns, singleton, repositories, observers etc, databases, mysql, postgresql, mongo. Testing: phpunit, codeception, phpspec etc.


AWS, Digital Ocean as cloud providers, server automations with ansible, chef or others, Docker, jenkins, fabric and more.

All of the above are just a drop in the ocean of the things we need to know, and will need to learn in the future.

I am not complaining, Im just proud of the progress I had from 7 years ago till now. I love learning and this is what makes me tick in our awesome job 🙂