Rework – Book Review & Handpicked Notes

Tue Feb 27 2018

Something like 3 years ago I decided to start reading more books and this decision had a great impact on my life.

With all that great knowledge I get to digest I want to start sharing my notes on all my reading so Ill start with this AMAZING book who I finished in 3 hours!

Brief: {#brief}

Discover the world of tech businesses and learn how to operate properly as a founder and/or an employee.

Audience: {#audience}

Founders, CTO, managers, employees, basically it aims for tech businesses, but will surely benefit other verticals.

Bottom Line: {#bottomline}

You need to read it, its only 15$ and it will take you max 3 hours.

Notes: {#notes}

This book is divided to super small subjects of 2,4 pages each. It is super easy to digest and because its divided so well, you get to read them super fast and get small wins very quick for reading so much.

Takedowns: {#takedowns}

  • Work less time, work smart
  • Dont overplan
  • Solve your own pains
  • Ship fast, and improve along the way
  • Have some alone time with no interruptions
  • Quick wins is the best for you and your team
  • Sleep
  • Say NO by default
  • Share your knowledge
  • Find managers of one
  • Own the bad news