JavaScript Console – Life Saving Tricks

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Are you still having those console.log lines to debug your code or to inform other devs for the use of your code?

If so, read on…

Designed Log Message
console.log('%cdesigned', 'css:rules; right:here');

designed console.log

Different Types Of Log Messages
  • log: We all know this one
  • Warn: eye-catching yellow exclamation message
  • info: looks similar to “log”
  • error: eye-catching red error message

** warn & error will add a counter to the console counters

console.log('some log message');'some info message');
console.warn('some warning message');
console.error('some error message');

types of console logs

Join Logs to a Group
  • group: start the group
  • groupCollapse: same as “group” but collapsed by default
  • groupEnd: close the above group'groupName');
    console.log('some message');
    console.log('another message');
    //close the closes above group, ie: groupName

group console logsgroup console logs collapsed

Track Time With Console
//some long process

designed console.log