Be a Master Of Package Versioning

Be a Master Of Package Versioning

For quite some time I was always confused on how the versions of different packages really worked. In most cases simply copy and pasting from different guides around the web simply did the job. But what do you do when your application gets bigger and has a lot of dependencies? You will need to start […]

Become functional – Basic functions

Functional programming becomes the norm, and it has a great hype around it now. As I mostly used that with redux to make sure my reducers work properly, those function will be helpful for anyone who needs some functional javascript functions. I’ll show some examples below on some simple actions we use like: push to […]

“Fast” development is really fast?

Fast development is not fast! it seems fast at first but believe me its super slow… I work at an awesome remote position, the company take super challenging products and starts them from the ground up. Few months ago I joined a project in the making (2 months after it started), and had to master […]

How to Use Javascript Generators

I have tried to learn generators for quite a while, but for each time that I started, I said to myself: “that’s enough, I’ll learn when I’ll need it” Well not this time! after you really understand the concept of generators you will find the true magic of it, the vast capabilities you could do […]

Docker removing unused images and container

While learning docker and following through dozens of tutorials around the web, the amount of new images I downloaded and containers I created can easily be above the 50-60 scale… The problem with that, is that most of them are not used! most of them have the annoying “” in the image name, and all […]

My Journey to Learning Docker

I have been hearing about docker for quite a while, and it is on my “learn list” for quite a while. I have been using vagrant for quite some time, I have used it and ansible for configuring it and my production servers. Vagrant was good to me, but there were the times when I […]


Client: Bloompy Date: 09/15 Info: Social Travel App Amazing project for creating a “social travel” website. Embedded iFrame The application offers all the features of social services: feeds, posts, commenting, group messaging, private messaging, image sharing and more. I created the full product from the backend and apis, to the responsive website, and mobile apps. Amazing experience, for […]

How to find the Median algorithms

I had a super cool exercise on Hackerank contest, I wouldn’t explain the whole exercise but only the part of finding the median of an unsorted listed of numbers. In retrospective there are several ways for calculating this simple value, but for this exercise we had to recalculate it each time when only changing one […]

HackerRank – Sock Merchant

Quick and dirty, running on a loop, counting, gathering and calculating the socks 😀 Exercise Description John’s clothing store has a pile of n loose socks where each sock i is labeled with an integer, C(i), denoting its color. He wants to sell as many socks as possible, but his customers will only buy them […]

HackerRank – Divisible Sum Pairs

Wanted to share my 2 solutions for this nice exercise, on is with 2 loops and the other with one loop and a recursion. This is quite nice for a morning brain workout 😀 Exercise Description You are given an array of n integers, a0, a1…a(n-1), and a positive integer, k. Find and print the […]