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Ironsource Search Application

Client:Irosource Date:02/2015 Info:Search Engine Product Launch Project Full featured search web application, provides all the functionality of top ranked search engines. This application was served to milions of users, of course it had responsive design, and many themes as it supported several “whitelabels”. The product used several apis to major search providers, ad providers and […]


Client:Open Source Date:06/15 Launch Project While creating the project: “Bloompy – travel social” we needed a messaging system for our users that will have those major features: group messaging, private messaging, message statuses etc. So we browsed the web quite a bit, and simply couldn’t find any good package with those features, then we created […]


Client: Own Project Date: 2012 I created this project for myself as a learning project to learn codeigniter. I needed to create something so I could really understand the framework and its ins and outs. The site idea was inspired from the notorious site “”. Some technology stack of this project: php, mysql, javascript, html, css, jquery, […]

Javascript asynchronous testing

While creating my current project, I had some functionality that involved timing and scheduling. I started writing my tests and got stuck with that object, as the tests simply didn’t wait for my callbacks and simply ran through the code and exited. This wasn’t acceptable as the asynchronous calls were a major part of the […]

The never ending journey of a developer

I am a developer for quite a while now (7 years to be exact). I remember the old days when I only knew some html & css and create nice little websites, but those days are long gone and the complexity of products and technologies gone much higher. For example, if I want to build […]

RobinHood Bingo

Client:Netboostmedia Date:09/2009 Launch Project This website was build from the ground up, it started by getting the design after several and several revisions. Base template was created using an outsource from elance, the rest of the pages were built by our team. All server side coding was with cooperation with 888, for displaying, purchases, games […]