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current react “base” stack

Nov 8, 2018 javascript by tzookb
This post is mainly for myself and my co-workers to have a reference about the current react stack possibilities. CSS & Styling: styled-components Emotion Routers: react-router reach-router Form Handling: Formik final form testing: enzyme jest immutability: immutable seamless-immutable immer  

python *args and **kwargs explained

Oct 30, 2018 Python by tzookb
You are entering a new codebase, the code looks good, well organized and well commented. Then you notice a few methods with these weird *args, **kwargs ?!?!?! then you dive into that function and see it passes those forward to other function or handling those weird params. So… what are those? *args – that is the
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AlfredApp Quick Productivity Hack

Oct 14, 2018 Productivity by tzookb
Hey everyone 🙂 Wanted to share a super nice tool Im using. I just came back from my company retreat and I have noticed most of my fellow devs dont even know this app let alone use this cool trick that SAVES YOU TIME. The app is: AlfredApp It replace the Mac OS search box with
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Save Time With These #5 Communication Work Tips

You have 277 unread messages and 115 unread emails. This is how I start my Mondays every week on average. I know those numbers could vary depending on your position or role but we all can agree communication has totally increased. Messages could vary from server errors, sales reports, daily summaries, work tickets, comments from
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Javascript ES6 … 3 dots 101

Jun 21, 2018 javascript by tzookb
ES6 3 dots syntax has a lot of awesome tricks to do a lot of tricks and variable manipulations. As it can save you many lines of code it will help you with your functional programing as it doesn’t mutate the “changed” variable.   Javascript actions without mutating   extract a key from object remove
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Fullstack Developers VS Specific Developer

What are FrontEnd, Backend & Fullstack developers As developers we have huge amounts of skills to master even if we focus on a single language or a single type of development. Luckily there are a lot of intersections no matter what language you use. Like: design patterns, dependency injection, MVC, controllers, factories etc. Frontend Developer
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Hackerrank – Queues: A Tale of Two Stacks

Exercise: Queues: A Tale of Two Stacks Site: Hackerank Link: hackerrank Language: Python Just got back to my daily programming exercises and start with this nice question on implementing a queue with 2 stacks. So the requirements are simply having a Queue with these methods: put(value) //add another element to the queue pop() //returns the first element peak() //previews
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JavaScript Console – Life Saving Tricks

Are you still having those console.log lines to debug your code or to inform other devs for the use of your code? If so, read on… Designed Log Message console.log('%cdesigned', 'css:rules; right:here'); Different Types Of Log Messages log: We all know this one Warn: eye-catching yellow exclamation message info: looks similar to “log” error: eye-catching
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JWT Awesome Killer Use Cases

You got yourself your new feature to work on, another login system, log service, social plugin etc. While you are talking to your team about the new feature, dozens of thoughts and ideas are running through your mind and you just want to run back to your keyboard. Does that sound familiar? I assume it
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What The Hack is JWT ?!

I was just writing on some of my coding adventures with some new awesome features I did and took advantage of JWT. While I was writing that post as I assumed everyone knows what is JWT, I decided to write a quick note about it. Just in case 🙂 So in a brief JWT is
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