Month: October 2018

python *args and **kwargs explained

Oct 30, 2018 Python by tzookb
You are entering a new codebase, the code looks good, well organized and well commented. Then you notice a few methods with these weird *args, **kwargs ?!?!?! then you dive into that function and see it passes those forward to other function or handling those weird params. So… what are those? *argsĀ – that is the
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AlfredApp Quick Productivity Hack

Oct 14, 2018 Productivity by tzookb
Hey everyone šŸ™‚ Wanted to share a super nice tool Im using. I just came back from my company retreat and I have noticed most of my fellow devs dont even know this app let alone use this cool trick that SAVES YOU TIME. The app is:Ā AlfredApp It replace the Mac OS search box with
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